Gold Seal Wild Sardines in Thai Chili Sauce - 125 G

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  • THAI CHILI SARDINES - Caught wild in the crisp waters of the Indo-Pacific Ocean, Thai Chili Sardines are rich in texture and have a delicious, bold flavour
  • HIGH IN PROTEIN AND OMEGA-3S - Part of a healthy diet, canned sardines are high in protein and omega-3s, which are important for the heart, brain and eyes; With 15 grams of protein in each can, you can easily add protein to any meal with Gold Seal Sardines in Thai Chili Sauce
  • EXCELLENT SOURCE OF VITAMIN D AND CALCIUM - Keep bones strong and healthy with canned sardines, a source of calcium; Packed with vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, get 90% of your daily requirements in just one can of Gold Seal sardines
  • PILCHARD SARDINES IN THAI CHILI SAUCE - Large sardines with rich texture and bold flavour, perfectly complemented by sweet thai chili sauce
  • VERSATILE - A flavourful snack or addition to any recipe, from pasta to salads

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