Element® Sprinkler+® 50 ft

Element® Sprinkler+® 50 ft

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  • Need a sprinkler hose and a soaker hose for your watering needs? Leave it to the innovation experts at Swan to combine the two.

    Our Element-brand Sprinkler+® hose features six holes per foot for a uniform watering pattern. Simply place the stripe of holes up for a sprinkler that sprays a wall of mist, or place the stripe down for a traditional soaker hose. Now you can water your lawn, vegetable garden, flowerbeds or any narrow or small space with just one garden hose.

    The sprinkler hose is a snap to unroll into place and then roll and store when done. A cap for the male end of the water hose also makes for easy storage as well as draining.

    And because it’s an Element hose, it meets the lead-free standards under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, so no harmful chemicals or odors are added to your water supply.

    Sprinkler hose and soaker hose combined
  • Ideal for watering lawns, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and narrow areas
  • Long-lasting couplings with capped male end for easy draining, storage
  • Easy to unroll and roll for storage
  • Meets lead-free standards under Federal Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Approximation is 1.2 Gallons of water per hour

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