George Foreman® Twist 'N Crisp Air Fryer

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Find a new way to fry with the George Foreman® Twist 'N Crisp Air Fryer! The powerful convection fan surrounds food with heated air for fast, even results without all the fat and oil of normal frying. The exclusive basket constantly rotates food during cooking so you won't have to stop halfway through to adjust the food—it's all done for you! Use the included bake rack to bake, grill, and roast. The 3L capacity is perfect for a variety of foods including meats, snacks, and even pizzas.

George Foreman® is the trusted name in reduced fat cooking, and the Twist ‘N Crisp Air Fryer delivers. You can make your favorite foods with up to 50% less fat* for tasty snacks and meals that you feel good about.

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