Plancha Grills Gas Griddle
Plancha Grills Gas Griddle

Plancha Grills Gas Griddle

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  • A HEALTHIER and Friendlier way to cook;  perfectly blends fun and entertainment with healthy grilling: no smoke, no flare-ups, no carcinogens
  • Versatility: suitable for large and Small foods, including tender items like egg, marinated fish, veggies and more
  • Economical and
  • Easy to clean
  • Enamel cast iron griddle and stainless Steel burner                                                                                                                                                                                          Plancha Grills Rio & Coroa Stainless steel outdoor gas Griddle. Enjoy a healthy outdoor cooking experience with the Plancha Grills Rio. Popular for its portability & rapid, even heat, plancha griddles are quickly being recognized as a cleaner, healthier outdoor grilling alternative for tailgating, camping or backyard entertaining. once a staple of professional chefs in tapas bars & restaurants, You can now cook an assortment of favorite foods Loaded with flavor & nutrients while reducing grease. "plancha, " a Spanish term for "plate, " is a traditional cooking method using high temperatures to sear-grill food, which locks in flavor & moisture, while the solid surface never allows food direct contact with the flame. The Rio & Coroa embraces this clean cooking quality & has adapted it for today's modern & Mobile lifestyle. one of the main benefits to sear grilling Cook surface. With ample room you can prepare multiple dishes at once, all on the same appliance. in addition, this cooking method reduces the unwanted carcinogens & gas emissions common to other forms of grilling. &, because this grill runs on propane, a clean & convenient fuel source, homeowners can finally enjoy searing vegetables, chicken or seafood for guests without the mess or wait.

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